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Welcome to CarpetVista’s annual design competition!

A colourful celebration to the faithful, yet often forgotten, everyday hero of our homes. The carpet.

Theme of the Year!
The theme for 2019 is Sustainable and with this theme we want to highlight the natural material wool. Thanks to the wool’s durability, the rug is a fantastic investment for the home. Carpets made of wool are durable, last a long time and becomes more beautiful over the years. High quality wool rugs can also get a new life by converting the rug into Colored Vintage carpets or Patchwork carpets. In this way, a wool carpet can be used by several generations.

On the 11-year anniversary of our design competition, we are looking back at the beautiful carpets created from all around the globe. 92 countries to be more exact. And more is to come.

Do you have an inner designer waiting to be discovered? As a designer you can win not only fame and fortune, but also your carpet being produced and sold on CarpetVista/RugVista.

As a follower, you will have a voice in deciding the winner and even have the opportunity to win a carpet of your own for your home.


1-1 408 €939 € Carpet credits And your own design in production

2-939 €939 € Carpet credits

3-469 €939 € Carpet credits

4 – 10- 282 €939 € Carpet credits


  • The design should be creative and commercially viable
  • The design must be original
  • The carpet will be made by hand, so shades can be a challenge
  • Design for the proportions: Rectangular 2667×4000 px, Square 4000×4000 px or Round 4000 px in diameter. Download design templates.
  • Avoid complex forms and fine details
  • Why settle for one? You can have multiple contributions!

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