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-How the behaviour of artists’ audience is changing

-When we could qualify an artist as disruptive

-Marko Stout, a disruptive artist :

Art has been always special, and always keep on changing. This what I notice in contemporary art. I think that we are all artists but some of us are more creative than the others. Or maybe we lack the means to promote our work. This how some disruptive artists are able to build their network faster. Artists today face many challenges these days. The public today is more and more connected to their mobile devices and artists should follow this new trend and promote their artwork in a different way. Art lovers visit fewer art galleries than they used to do before and prefer to follow their artist online, on Instagram, or to look for artworks in the art marketplace.

When a disruptive artist is successful: he is able to establish content segmentation and he targets a specific audience with his work. This strategy aims to avoid confusing audience and provide them with content that fits them.

To which network the artist belongs: The answer should be clear,  Select wisely your network, select a network that fits your creation.

Work hard and try to be different: Original work, different media, answering audience interest are keys success factors.

Art house online gallery choose to guest for our gallery highlight edition a disruptive artist who has been able to build a network of artist and celebrities around him, which added value to hid art pieces. He presents a new style, very close to his audience, and merge his art pieces with his audience.

Marko Stout is an American artist based in New York with a different model collaborating with different celebrities in the US like The Kardashians, Debra Messing, Billie Eilish, Melissa Etheridge RuPaul and other.

He has been able to build trust among celebrities due to his openness to different fields painting, sculpture, film, video, photography and new media.

Being polyvalent attracted celebrities and he becomes their preferred artist. They feel comfortable in his exposition where they find a nice environment, a lot of inspiration

Marko Stout is a good example of how an artist could be polyvalent and open to other fields and bringing his know-how to other industries.

Marko Stout is a disrupt artist because he has been able to create his own path a different one from that we know about conventional artists. Unique, new promotional tools and a different approach to reach his target audience.

He could be a good example for future generation artists. In business, we speak about start-ups and their disruptive model. Marko stout brings a disruptive model but in art.

According to him, “Art isn’t made to be seen and forgotten, nor to be lacklustre without passion. Art is vibrant, beautiful enough to spark inspiration, and breathtaking enough

Starting from a different vision he has been able to be a different artist.

Check his website
Marko Stout for the latest info or to buy his artworks

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